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Agapito Associates- Historic Mines in AutoCAD



Agapito Associates, Inc (AAI), provides consulting services in geo-engineering, mining engineering, and related disciplines. Founded in 1978 to meet the needs of the mineral and energy industries, the firm operates out of offices in Grand Junction and Golden, Colorado.

Mine Workings Converted to AutoCAD

  Mine Drawings Converted to AutoCAD


In the early 1980s, the New Elk Mine was closed and allowed to partially flood. In 2009, AAI. was hired to provide mining engineering services to bring this large underground, multi-seam coal mining operation back into production. Although there were drawings showing the location of the underground mine shafts and workings, these drawings only existed in paper format.

Mine Workings Converted to AutoCAD

  Aerial Imagery with AutoCAD Drawing


AAI hired Digital Data Services, Inc, to provide solutions that would allow engineers to work with spatially accurate digital representations of the underground workings. DDS scanned the original documents, georeferenced the drawings into their proper spatial location, and digitized the underground workings into a vector (CAD) format. The delivered AutoCAD files of the underground workings aided AAI in the completion of the initial detailed mine planning required for MSHA plans, permitting, feasibility work, and startup of mining.


  • Conversion of Engineering Data into AutoCAD
  • Registering Drawings with Limited Control into a Real World Coordinate System
  • Conversion of Historic Information into Current Software Technologies