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Oil and Gas Web Mapping Applications

Industries- Oil & Gas

A critical component for the Oil and Gas Industry is the acquisition, interpretation and management of geospatial data. The Oil and Gas sector require access to accurate locations of oil and gas lease lines and survey lines and need to identify well-stakes and analyze oil well data quickly. Operators who hold oil and gas leases and who drill on those leases need to be able to identify sites that that are profitable while abiding by government environmental regulations.

As a premiere Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions provider, Digital Data Services, Inc. (DDS) can provide customized solutions that can be easily integrated with your existing GIS software; both desktop and Web-based. This is a tremendous value for oil and gas exploration, production and distribution. DDS’ custom GIS applications are not additional software, but tangible solutions and tools that provide our clients with the ability to maintain and distribute large geographic datasets to multiple users. The expert staff at DDS is well versed in the latest geospatial related technologies including Esri software such as ArcGIS for Desktop, ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced, ArcGIS for Desktop Basic, MapObjects and ArcIMS. We have also provided GIS solutions for clients who use MapInfo, PETRA, Manifold and Geographics software.

With a client base that comprises over 3,000 companies, DDS utilizes the power GIS technology in a way that exceeds the requirements and expectations of all our clients.