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“Turning Complex Information into Simple Business Solutions”

Since the founding of Digital Data Services in 1998, companies have sought our expertise for many reasons. Our clients include governments and businesses of all sizes. Over time, we have noticed some characteristics about the corporations who most value our services within the industries that we serve.  Increasingly, people are becoming spatially aware as products like Google Earth, OpenSource, and ESRI ArcGIS become pervasive. As a result, our most significant growth is from organizations that are seeking ways to combine data and maps with GIS.

Geocortex Implementation Solutions - Digital Data Services (DDS) assists companies in building web map applications. Utilizing Geocortex Essentials and ArcGIS Server, DDS can install and configure Geocortex Essentials and ArcGIS Server on a secured website.  DDS also provides custom development of tools, workflow designs, template designs, and reporting and charting.

Government - For many government entities, it is critical to find and maintain qualified GIS contractors to assist in their geospatial needs. DDS supports many federal, state, and local governments with GIS solutions.

Oil & Gas - The acquisition, interpretation, and management of geospatial data is critical to the Oil and Gas industry. Read about how DDS is solving problems within the Oil and Gas industry.

Minerals & Mining - Most mining information, including financial and asset information, has some sort of spatial component that can be represented in map form. These select projects focuses on the conversion, storage, and management of mining information.

Utilities - Our highly trained staff can analyze the Utility Industries core difficulties by presenting solutions effectively with guaranteed quality and efficacy. Learn how we have worked with some of the largest utility companies, solving some of their largest problems.