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Portfolio | Oil & Gas

 Oil & Gas Transportation- Asset Management

Bass-Trigon Software, LLC.

Digital Data Services converted multiple datasets into one uniform pipeline coverage, allowing for linear referencing (stationing) within the Esri GIS environment. The solution also allowed the company to collect and store ongoing information regarding pipeline facilities and other oil and gas features.

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Pipeline information in ArcGIS

Bass-Trigon Software, LLC.

Pipeline information converted to ArcGIS, allowing for linear referencing (stationing) within the Esri GIS environment.

 Oil and Gas Exploration -Asset Management

ElPaso E&P

El Paso Exploration and Production, Inc., is one of North America's largest independent natural gas producers. El Paso E&P approached Digital Data Services for assistance in the electronic archiving of over 549 banker boxes containing original documentation related to producing and non-producing wells.

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Well file scanning and document retrieval system

ElPaso E&P

Online document management system enabling users to perform multiple search criteria such as well number, operator name, county, and vicinity on scanned well file documents.

 Oil and Gas - Asset Management


The IHS Well Database it is the largest, most comprehensive U.S. well database, accounting for virtually every well drilled and produced back to 1859. IHS approached Digital Data Services with a need to populate over 3.5 million petroleum well locations with their appropriate surface elevation values.

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Well database with elevations

Information Handling Services (IHS)

Petroleum well locations with their appropriate surface elevation values in ArcGIS.

 Oil and Gas Exploration - Analysis and Planning

Divestco USA

Divestco USA is an exploration services company which provides a comprehensive suite of data and analytical tools for a wise-variety of industries. Digital Data Services was tasked to digitize, attribute and deliver a polygonal Public Land Survey System (PLSS) .shp file and SDE coverage for all USGS surveyed area in the United States.

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Land Survey Data

Divestco USA

DDS developed a complete Public Land Survey System (PLSS) dataset which was incorporated into Divestco's GeoCarta land mapping, lease mapping, well spotting, and GIS query software..