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Portfolio| Mining and Minerals

 Web Based Applications- Land Management, Planning, and Permitting

Rio Tinto Minerals/U.S. Borax

Rio Tinto Minerals/U.S. Borax, needed a web based GIS application and GIS database to manage their properties, leases, mining claims, and other vital information. At the time RTM was using paper maps, excel spreadsheets and other ways to manage their lands.

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Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Rio Tinto Minerals- U.S. Borax

DDS built a custom web map application utilizing Geocortex Essentials' technology. Rio Tinto then incorporated several new Rio Tinto data models to create consistency across properties.

 Government Mining- Analysis and Planning, Regulation

Colorado Department of Natural Resources- Colorado Geological Survey

The purpose of the project was to convert hard-copy historic mine drawings into a mapping system GIS, so that the approximate location of the mines would be readily available and analyzed with current aerial photography, land planning, and land use mapping.

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Digitizing underground mine workings

Colorado Geological Survey

Digital Data Services consulted CGS to convert all hard-copy documents, along with additional surveyed data, into a GIS mapping system.

 Mine Construction - Analysis and Planning

Agapito Associates

Agapito Associates, Inc (AAI), provides consulting services in geo-engineering, mining engineering, and related disciplines. Agapito Associates commissioned Digital Data Services to provide solutions that would allow engineers to work with spatially accurate digital representations of the underground workings within an AutoCAD environment.

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Digitize underground mine workings in AutoCAD

Agapito Associates, Inc

Digital Data Services converted hard-copy drawings into spatially accurate digital representations of underground mine workings within an AutoCAD environment.

Mining - Utilizing Old Drawings for Exploration

U.S. Gold

Digital Data Services was tasked to visit the Tonkin Springs, Nevada mine site and inventory historic paper maps and digital data, along with consultation on merging this information within a current GIS application.

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Inventory and Convert Hard Copy Mining Maps

US Gold

DDS converted several hundred maps to be scanned, georeferenced, and digitized into a GIS system.