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U.S. Gold- Information Collection & Inventory



U.S. Gold explores for gold and silver in the Americas and is advancing its El Gallo Project in Mexico and their Gold Bar Project in Nevada towards production. U.S. Gold has a strong treasury with approximately $100 million in cash and gold and silver bullion.

Data Organization for the Mining Industry

  Geologic Information in ArcGIS


In late 1989, U.S. Gold completed construction of a milling facility at their Tonkin Springs mine site near Elko, Nevada. However, the mill facility did not reach its commercial operation deadline of June, 1990. Due to a series of complications, the operation was put on a "stand-by" status. When a feasibility study of the area was generated in early 2001 showing positive potential, U.S. Gold determined to invest in reopening the mine site. Digital Data Services was tasked to visit the Tonkin Springs, Nevada mine site and inventory historic paper maps and digital data. This project also included consultation on merging this information within a current GIS application.

Data Organization for the Mining Industry

  Tonkin Springs Map Catalog in an Access Database


DDS performed an onsite assessment of the hard-copy documents, which included the discovery of an outdated cataloging system of the archived paper maps. These maps were cataloged on paper index cards. DDS obtained and converted these paper indexes into a user-friendly database. The database contained fields of which the archive manager (or librarian) could log-in any future documents for easy retrieval. DDS also brought back several hundred maps to be scanned, georeferenced, and digitized into a GIS system. A metadata template was created for U.S. Gold for any future GIS work, which would provide a link to the archived paper maps. The end results of this project enabled U.S. Gold to compare their historic data and bring that information into more advanced GIS and CAD software applications.



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  • Custom Database Creation
  • Inventory & Analysis of Historic Information