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Alameda Water & Sanitation- GIS for Analysis & Planning



For over half a century, the Alameda Water & Sanitation District has supplied drinking water, wastewater management, and sanitation services to the residents and businesses of Lakewood, Colorado.

Utilities- Water and Sanitation Solutions in GIS

  Sewer Field Book Generated in GIS


After the events of 9/11, AWSD prioritized the improvement of their emergency response, business continuity, and disaster recovery plans into interactive data documents to facilitate in the long-term planning of critical infrastructures. AWSD required the means to collect updated data from planners and engineers in the field, and to distribute that information, in real-time, to management and other participants. They also needed to archive historical engineering and cartographic knowledge embedded in hundreds of paper maps and charts.

Utilities- Water and Sanitation Solutions in GIS

  Original Engineering Drawing


Digital Data Services collected, scanned, and digitized all the water and sewer features within AWSD into a fully-attributed, GIS custom web-hosted service, for the presentation of this information. Water engineers can now independently update data easily and quickly from remote locations and ensure 100% accuracy across the system. For the first time, personnel are prepared to respond, in real-time, to an emergency involving hundreds of water and sewer features such as meters, valves, manholes, sewer lines, and water lines. This DDS designed and hosted system allows for accurate detection and quick response as emergency issues arise. The final result saved valuable time and revenue, while easing the concerns for the residents of the Alameda Water & Sanitation District.


  • Accessibility of Information During an Emergency Response
  • Perform Calculations on Throughput and Usage
  • Aids in Asset Management