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Town of Windsor, Colorado- Windsor Information & Navigation Gateway (WING)



The Town of Windsor is a rapidly developing unique community located in the heart of northern Colorado, and situated between the mountains and the plains where open sky meets towering peaks. It is a place rich in opportunity as well as history pre-dating the town’s incorporation in 1890. Windsor has experienced unprecedented growth since 2000 and continues to attract families with its small town charm and quality of life. Windsor has managed to balance its growth while maintaining the small-town feeling its residents are proud to call home.

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Town of Windsor, Colorado

WING- Geocortex Essentials web map application showing a base map with Google Earth street view.


The Town of Windsor was in need of updating their web mapping portals from the FLEX technology to a more mobile friendly, modern, and efficient web mapping technology. A critical requirement was that the solution must have the ability to create and publish additional web map sites without the need of programming experience. There was also a need to develop certain reporting and map generation tools within the application so that the user could quickly and easily extract out pertinent information from the various map layers. Finally, the system must work with ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Online map feature services and integrate with Windows Active Directory for security purposes.

Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Generate a Mailing List from the Web Map

The web map application generates a report of addresses when selecting an area by a buffer distance. The report can be downloaded in a Microsoft Excel format.


Digital Data Services (DDS) proposed the solution of replacing the FLEX technologies with Geocortex Essentials. Latitude Geographics’ Geocortex Essentials is the most effective way to jumpstart any web-based map application. It allows organizations to rapidly deploy a variety of web-based map applications within, or outside, their organization while maximizing their return on investment in ArcGIS for Server and ArcGIS Online. The application also allows for mobile friendly development in HTML 5 and is an excellent solution to create and publish additional web map sites without the need of programming experience. DDS was able to replace the FLEX web based maps with a Geocortex HTML 5 solution. DDS developed several new tools and features that enhanced the user's experience on the web site. This included the ability to mark-up maps, create charts and reports, query data, and produce maps in different formats such as PDF, JPG, or PNG. Several tools were developed, such as a "Mailing List" tool, which enabled a user to either query by address, set a distance buffer, and then export the addresses, with owner information, to a commonly used table format such as an Excel XLS format. By utilizing DDS's Geocortex implementation services, the Town of Windsor received a solution that met all of the requirements of their web based mapping needs.

Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Exporting Maps from the Web Map Application

The Geocortex Essentials web map application allows for exporting high resolution maps for printing and distribution outside of the browser. The maps are exported into common formats such as PDF, JPG, and PNG.


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