GIS Consulting

GIS Needs Assessment

Identifying Client Needs and Workflows

The key to any successful project is to have a full understanding of the current capabilities of the client and their desired outcome. By performing a needs assessment of your business in its current state and discussing where you hope to take it, DDS can critically analyze your existing capabilities and recommend the necessary steps it will take to achieve your ultimate goal. These steps may include database/data model development, data scraping, server implementation, or the development of a customized application to present information in a clear and concise manner. Whatever is needed, DDS will present to you a clear plan for how to achieve your goals; fully customizable, and designed around what is important to your organization.

  • Client Orientation
  • Identify and Document Existing GIS Assets
  • Develop, Distribute, and Analyze User Questionnaires
  • Conduct User Interviews
  • Develop Preliminary Database Designs, Schema, and Data Definitions
  • Perform Workflow Analysis
  • Prepare Comprehensive Needs Assessment Report


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