Consultation Services

“Making Information Accessible to Perform Better Business Decisions.”


Client Consultation - Our process begins with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) management consultation.  We work with our clients and business partners to determine the issue, the desired results and make technical recommendations.

Data Collection - We determine what information is needed to fulfill the requirements of the project.  Typically this involves inventorying the customer’s existing datasets along with acquiring additional datasets needed to complete the project.

Data Conversion - Once it is known where we will generate data from, we begin the task of processing.  This critical step ensures that the data is consistent, reliable, and valid. 

Data Storage/Management - Digital Data Services, Inc. (DDS) helps you deploy your technology infrastructure, database design, and managing large volumes of information.

Information Analysis - Being able to analyze data to answer critical questions by business management and other stakeholders can be vital to the success of a project.

Presentation of Information - A critical component is the ability to present information that is easy-to-use, understand, and is customizable so both GIS and non-GIS focused professionals can benefit from the rich analysis and data delivery capabilities.


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