Data Collection

Data Scraping & Data Mining


There is plenty of information available now that the world is so connected via the internet. Although this data is available, extracting it and formatting it for use is often times quite the task. This is where DDS comes in.

The data scraping/mining process utilized by DDS converts numerous external datasets, including client specific datasets, into structured geospatial indexes. Through joining our knowledge of GIS, data scraping, and database development, DDS programmers are able to integrate the data, which is pulled from multiple sources, and funnel that information directly into customizable software packages which can be used to the benefit of numerous organizations. This collected information can also be implemented into our desktop and web-based applications such as Maperture™.

When you are seeking datasets and can’t seem to find and/or format them, contact DDS for our data scraping services. There is plenty of information available, and DDS can bring it into your organization.


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