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Pitkin County, Colorado- Esri and Geocortex Web Map Solution



Covering 975 square miles, Pitkin County is located in the heart of the White River National Forest, surrounded by the spectacular peaks of the central Rocky Mountains. Pitkin County includes the communities of Aspen, Snowmass, Woody Creek, Old Snowmass, Meredith, Thomasville, Redstone and portions of the town of Basalt. At $64,381, Pitkin County has the fourth highest per-capita income of any county in the United States. Sixty two percent of the population owns a home with a median value of $670,200.

Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Exporting Maps from the Web Map Application

The Geocortex Essentials web map application allows for exporting high resolution maps for printing and distribution outside of the browser. The maps are exported into common formats such as PDF, JPG, and PNG.


In accordance with the BITS Community Mission “ enable unfettered access to all County records through the targeted use of Information Technology…”, Pitkin County was in need to develop a web-based Customer Portal. The initial focus of the portal was to build a web-based map application utilizing GIS information to be used on virtually any desktop and mobile computing device (including phones and tablets using iOS, Windows 8, and Android). The requirements of the web-based map portal included the ability for a user to generate mailing lists, query and download geospatial data, and the ability to browse and print maps via a web mapping interface. Pitkin County also requested that the application be designed to support additional products (such as Zoning Inspections, Assessed Valuations, Tax Bills, etc) through easy, simple configuration that would allow changes by county staff.

Geocortex Essentials Solutions

Generate a Mailing List from the Web Map

The web map application generates a report of addresses when selecting an area by a buffer distance. The report can be downloaded in a Microsoft Excel format.


Digital Data Services (DDS) installed and configured a web map application that implemented the technologies of Esri ArcServer and Geocortex Essentials. Geocortex Essentials is a powerful addition to ArcGIS Server using “workflows” to simplify programming through the use of modules within Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). In addition to installing and configuring the server, DDS performed cartographic services, providing an “aesthetically pleasing” base map for the website. DDS also developed a series of workflows which executed a variety of searches to return a list of results. A custom mailing report was created and the resulting data input allows for the user to download their desired output. Finally, DDS developed tools which allow a user to select an area and download GIS or CAD files, perform parcel queries, generate property reports, and the ability to print maps directly from the Pitkin County mapping website. The proposed Geocortex solution to Pitkin County not only saved the county time and money, but also fulfilled the requirement of a simple configuration enabling Pitkin County staff the ability to quickly make changes to the map application when necessary.


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