GIS Data Creation & Management

We are spatial data nerds!  Your data is the foundation of your organization. Bad data may result in bad decisions.   DDS assists our clients in building a robust data foundation so they can manage their business more effectively. 

With decades of experience in creating, normalizing, converting, and managing data for various industries, DDS provides unparalleled expertise in data acquisition, creation, and management. 


Are you buried converting data to GIS? Save time converting your paper and non-spatial data to geospatial data – let DDS help you.

Data Normalization & QA/QC

Was your data warehouse managed by a hoarder? Are your users not getting the results they expect from your data? Let DDS build a solid foundation for your organization’s GIS and integrated systems.


DDS will locate, acquire, prepare and delivery map-ready data to meet your business needs. 


Stuck converting obscure formats into your GIS? Need to automate? Contact DDS for file-to-file conversion and automation services

Why DDS?

We work with you to develop the most cost-effective geospatial data solution
to meet
your organizations needs and budget. 

GIS Data Creation

Digitizing and Data Capture 

Save time converting your paper and non-spatial data to geospatial data – let DDS do it for you. We specialize in converting maps, CAD, tabular, and historical sources into well attributed geospatial vector data. Our past projects range 

  • Utility and Pipeline Plans and Profiles 
  • Parcel Research and Legal Description Conversion
  • Geologic and Mining Maps 
  • Historical Topography 
  • Architecture/Engineering/Construction Drawings 
  • Environmental Sampling Data/Reports 
  • Retail Territory Descriptions 

Data Abstraction 

Looking to reveal derivative datasets? Through aggregation, interpolation, and cross-linking data, DDS brings more value to your data assets. This can be performed through both automated, semi-automated, and heads up processes.  

Georeferencing and Orthorectification 

DDS offers both raster and vector georeferencing and orthorectification services. Whether historical aerial photography and maps or CAD files, DDS can quickly add positional information to your data to be usable in your GIS system. 

Data Normalization & QA/QC

Real world information is created and collected from a variety of sources, formats and quality standards that often feels chaotic.  To reveal valuable patterns, the information must first be cleaned and organized using data normalization techniques into thoughtful schemas. 

Our vast experience across multiple industries has produced the tools and skills to filter the noise into cohesive datasets.  This clarity ultimately allows our clients to make better decisions. 

Our expertise includes. 

  • Data review and Plan of Action design 
  • Database schema development 
  • Attribute normalization and cleanup 
  • Identification and elimination of data redundancies 
  • Creation of relationships between data 
  • Data optimization and performance enhancements

Data Research & Collection

With over two decades of experience, we are an unequaled resource for available public and private datasets. DDS will locate, acquire, prepare and delivery map-ready data to meet your business needs.


  • Historical Aerial Photography Research 
  • Sandborn Fire Insurance Maps 
  • Parcel Research
  • Historical Documents and Reports 
  • Historical aerial photography research 
  • Legal Description interpretation (PLSS metes and bounds, Spanish lands, international, Carter Grid) 
  • geoProspector 

File-to-File Conversion

Data comes in many different file formats. The ability to quickly access information and share between various databases, applications, and business processes is crucial to making wise business decisions. 

Whether a one-time or an automated conversion, DDS is here to assist you with your data conversion project. Our projects range from simple to complex. Common data translation and conversion projects include: 

  • Database to Database migration (one-time and task scheduled) 
  • CAD file conversion (AutoCAD and MicroStation) 
  • Uncommon formats (EBCDIC, SEG-P1, etc.) 
  • Data automation scripting services  
  • Web and API scraping services