geoWidgets Products

geoWidgets is a family of products to extend and enhance ArcGIS web GIS solutions developed by Digital Data Services, Inc.  Our vision is to leverage our two decades of geospatial experience to develop third-party GIS solutions. 

geoWidgets by Digital Data Services

geoSherpa: Simplfy Your WebGIS

geoSherpa is an interactive tutorial system built for Web GIS. geoSherpa guides your users with step-by-step tours, video tutorials, and faqs through your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® and VertiGIS Studio® web applications. Integrate your documentation into your web mapping application to simplify training, reduce support tickets, and increase adoption. f

geoProspector: Stop Mining for Data

The geoProspector ArcGIS® Pro Add-In downloads geospatial data from ArcGIS® REST Map Services when Feature Services do not exist. geoProspector simplifies the complexity of identifying, downloading, and displaying Map Service data in an easy-to-use ArcGIS® Pro Add-in.

Activity Packs for Geocortex Workflow 5

geoWidgets Activity Packs are custom Workflow activities for use with SaaS and On-Premise version of VertiGIS Studio® Workflow. Add client-side import and export of standard GIS data formats and spreadsheets. Add advanced geospatial processing and analysis tools to your Web GIS.