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Xcel Energy- GIS for Environmental Analysis & Planning



Xcel Energy is a major U.S. electric and natural gas company. Based in Minneapolis, Xcel Energy operates in eight States. Digital Data Services provides support to the Denver, Colorado Siting and Land Rights Group on a variety of projects.

Environmental Analysis for the Utilities Industry in GIS

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Colorado Senate Bill 100 seeks to expand Colorado's electric transmission system and promote the use of renewable resources. The Pawnee-Smoky Hill 345kV Transmission Project connects the Pawnee Substation near Brush, Colorado to Xcel's Smoky Hill Substation near Aurora, Colorado. The 95-mile transmission line crossed through three counties and required permit applications to each county.

Environmental Analysis for the Utilities Industry in GIS

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DDS provided mapping, analysis, and visualization services to assist in the preparation of individual county permits and public workshops. Each county had very different filing requirements from Arapahoe County which required a 1041 permit (similar to an Environmental Assessment), to Morgan County's special use permit. DDS collected various environmental datasets to address code requirements including flood zones, prime farmlands, geologic hazards, soils, zoning, flora and fauna, and historic datasets.

DDS also provided photographic simulations of various configurations of the transmission lines and the additional facilities to be added to the Smoky Hill Substation. All maps, analysis, and photographic simulations were used in public workshops and county applications.



Environmental Analysis for the Utilities Industry in GIS

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