Colorado Geological Survey | Geologic Map Schema (GeMS) Map Conversion Projects

Project Summary
DDS has performed multiple task orders to support Colorado Geological Survey by vectorizing geologic maps for the National Geologic Map Database and converting them to GeMS (Geologic Map Schema).

GeMS (“Geologic Map Schema,” formerly “NCGMP09”) is the standard schema for geologic map publications funded by the U.S. Geological Survey’s National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program (NCGMP). GeMS defines the capture, in a digital format, of the content contained on geologic maps. The databases are set up for Map Unit Polygons, contacts and faults, orientation data, overlay polygons, and all other geological lines and symbols, along with all the written information, such as descriptions of map units, source data, and other metadata.

Task orders for the Colorado Geological Survey include geologic map digitizing from paper or scanned images, refactoring legacy GIS files to conform to GeMS standards, and converting non-spatial digital files such as Adobe Illustrator to GIS and ultimately GeMS compliant deliverables.

The following is a partial list of completed projects now available in the National Geological Map Database: CGS Bulletin 40, OF-15-10, OF-16-04, RS28 (Plate 1), RS28 (Plate 2A), RS28 (Plate 2B), RS28 (Plate 2C), RS-37 (Gunnison County Geology), RS-40 (Park County Geology), RS-42 (Lake County Geology), RS-44 (Saguache County Geology), USGS B-1188, USGS B-1257, USGS B-1349, USGS C-97-A, USGS C-124, USGS GQ-397 , USGS GQ-398 , USGS GQ-399, USGS GQ-725, USGS GQ-783, USGS GQ-1070, USGS GQ-1071, USGS GQ-1153, USGS GQ-1177, USGS GQ-1178, USGS I-1092 (Sterling 250k), USGS I-1112, USGS I-1114, USGS I-1163, USGS I-1346, USGS I-1823, USGS I-1824, USGS I-1825, USGS I-1939, USGS I-855-G, USGS MF-271, USGS MF-291, USGS MF-713, USGS MF-842, USGS MF-882 , USGS OF-70-171, USGS OF-70-172, USGS OF-70-182, USGS OF-70-183, USGS OF-70-185, USGS OF-70-186, USGS OF-78-532 (Greeley 250k)

Level 1 GeMS-compliant GIS data and metadata for each map.
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