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Project Summary
FTI Consulting is an independent global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk, and resolve disputes. Since 2006, DDS has served FTI’s Environmental Litigation practice as their primary GIS consultant.

The Environmental Litigation Group provides remediation cost allocation consulting for dozens of active superfund sites across the United States.  The cost allocation process relies heavily on developing party site summary (PSS) reports showing the historical use of a site over time.  Historical documents, including aerial imagery, are critical to understanding a site’s legacy.   

DDS is often tasked with researching, acquiring, and presenting historical aerial imagery for use in PSS reports.  DDS has acquired thousands of single-frame aerials from the 1930s to the present day across the country (and occasionally international locations) to support the cost allocation process.  Where digital photos are unavailable, DDS uses specialized scanning equipment to capture the image at an appropriate resolution. Data has been provided as hard copy photos, scanned images, georeferenced images, orthorectified images, and 3D anaglyphs created from stereo pairs. 


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