DDS geoProspector

geoProspector Releases v1.0.2: 2022-05-2022

DDS has released geoProspector v1.0.2 including improvements and new features.

1.0.2 Release Update

New Features:

  • Support for exporting from Feature Services where extract data operations have been restricted.


  • Automatic updates when new releases are available will now request restart of ArcGIS Pro rather than forcing automatic restart.


  • Miscellaneous user interface updates.

About geoProspector

The geoProspector ArcGIS® Pro Add-In downloads geospatial data from ArcGIS® REST Map Services when Feature Services do not exist. geoProspector simplifies the complexity of identifying, downloading, and displaying Map Service data in an easy-to-use ArcGIS® Pro Add-in.

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