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Meet geoSherpa: Your Simple Guide to Web GIS

geoSherpa’s step-by-step tour guides simplify Web GIS training and on-boarding.

What is geoSherpa?

geoSherpa is an interactive tutorial system, built for Web GIS that guides your users with step-by-step tours, video tutorials, and FAQs  through your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® and Geocortex® applications. With geoSherpa, you can integrate your documentation into your Web GIS applications to simplify training, reduce support tickets, and increase Web GIS adoption.  

geoSherpa delivers simplified, effective training supporting all your users and organizational workflows. It eliminates GIS jargon and reduces one-on-one training needs by offering engaging interactive, video, and text tutorials empowering all learning styles.  

geoSherap WAB

Supercharge Your Web GIS: geoSherpa for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® and Geocortex®

geoSherpa is designed to support any Web GIS but is proven effective for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® and Geocortex® learning and adoption. Whether highlighting basic functionality or guiding your users through complex workflows and components, geoSherpa Guides increase user acceptance and reduce support costs.  


  • Quickly onboard and teach any level of user to become an expert in your Web AppBuilder or Geocortex® applications. 
  • geoSherpa Guides deploy easily into Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® with the geoSherpa Web AppBuilder Widget.   
  • With the geoSherpa Deployment Tool for Geocortex®, you can easily deploy site-specific Guides and get your users learning today.  
geoSherpa WAB

How does geoSherpa Work?

geoSherpa provides your users step-by-step interactive tours, video tutorials, and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to simplify Web GIS training, reduce support tickets, and increase Web GIS adoption.

geoSherpa consists of the following three components making the creation and deployment of geoSherpa Guides simple, intuitive, and without the need to delve into code.

No Coding Required!

geoSherpa Planner

geoSherpa Planner is a Windows Desktop application providing a simple WYSIWIG development environment to create and manage your Guides. 

geoSherpa Planner

geoSherpa Widget

geoSherpa’s Web AppBuilder Widget allows your to easily integrate geoSherpa Guides. Drop the geoSherpa Widget into your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS (Developer Edition). It is as simple as cut and paste.

geoSherpa Widget

geoSherpa Deployment Tool

geoSherpa’s Deployment Tool for Geocortex provides a simple interface to install or remove geoSherpa Guides quickly and efficiently.

geoSherpa Deployment Tool

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