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Project Summary
DDS has provided ArcGIS Enterprise migration and upgrade services from ArcGIS Enterprise versions 10.2 through 10.9.1 for SM Energy.

In 2019, SM Energy requested DDS support to upgrade their ArcGIS Enterprise 10.2 to 10.6.1, in preparation for the TLS 1.2 rollover and later upgrade ArcGIS Enterprise to 10.7.1 and their existing Geocortex Essentials sites in DEV-UAT-PROD environments.

The original deployment of SM Energy’s ArcGIS Enterprise system was behind a firewall, making field collection difficult as it was managed internally through ArcGIS Online and ETL processes. In 2021, SM Energy contracted DDS to upgrade its Enterprise GIS to make it available externally. ArcGIS Enterprise is not designed to change its FQDN and Esri does not support the process. DDS assisted SM Energy in reconfiguring ArcGIS Enterprise onto a new FQDN, which requires low-level modifications to the ArcGIS Enterprise databases and file system.


Documentation for each ArcGIS Enterprise migration, ArcGIS Enterprise Architecture Design for DEV/UAT/PROD environments.

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