Category: Python Scripting

Gilpin County - GIS Consulting Services

Gilpin County | GIS Consulting and Managed Services

DDS provides GIS Consulting services to Gilpin County, Colorado. In addition to managing its ArcGIS Enterprise, DDS is migrating its parcel data to the ArcGIS Parcel Fabric to resolve significant parcel issues and recently upgraded public safety datasets to be NENA Next Generation 9-1-1-compliant.

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Indian River County - Add-In Conversion

Indian River County | My Government Online Scraper

Indian River County requested support from Digital Data Services to develop a Python script to run a nightly import process to extract permitting data from the cloud-based My Government Online (MGO) application programming interface (API) and repose that data in an on-premises data warehouse.

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DDS Customer Outrigger Energy Asset Management

Outrigger Energy | Asset Management

Outrigger Energy is a full-service midstream energy company that operates in the mid-continent areas. DDS developed and maintains a web GIS solution for Outrigger’s oil and gas infrastructure, allowing for easy visualization and management of their current plays.

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