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Digital Data Services, Inc. Wins Renewal Approval With GSA

Lakewood, CO – Digital Data Services, Inc. (DDS) has won approval for an option renewal on a federal contract to provide high-tech products and services directly to government agencies.

The five-year option renewal extends a Federal General Services Administration (GSA) schedule (IT-70) that streamlines procurement by giving government agencies immediate access to cutting-edge companies and technologies.

DDS is a CAD and GIS consulting firm that combines state-of-the-art technology, proprietary processes and procedures, and a highly trained staff to produce top-quality electronic files from hard copy documents.  A SBA self-certified small business, DDS is headquartered in Lakewood with a northern Colorado branch in Longmont.

“Currently DDS is offering federal agencies a broad array of products and services,” according to President Scott C. Carter, head of the Longmont branch.  “We’re providing scanning services, printing services, geographic information systems services, custom mapping services, geospatial data such as aerial photos, satellite imagery, GIS software, and large format scanning equipment.”

He added, “As we expand into new areas, we will incorporate the new technologies into our GSA schedule, thereby strengthening our ability to meet the evolving needs of federal agencies.”

Companies participating in the GSA schedule must be undergo extensive and rigorous screening to ensure they can provide superior quality and competitive pricing.  Once given GSA approval, suppliers can use the schedule to facilitate procurement processes with over 1,000 government agencies.  The initial GSA schedule is a five-year contract listing the prices the federal government has agreed to pay for a vendor’s commercial products and services.

Carter pointed out that winning approval for a five-year option renewal of the GSA schedule underscores DDS performance and the regard government officials have for the company’s products and services.

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Digital Data Services, Inc., is a GIS consulting firm that utilizes the power of the Esri product suite to provide state-of-the-art desktop and web GIS solutions since 1998. Our staff provides implementation and customization solutions for Esri web GIS and Geocortex products. If you need assistance, we are here to help solve your web GIS challenges. 

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