Mile High Flood District | Colorado Stormwater Detention and Infiltration Facility Notification Application

Project Summary
DDS developed a Stormwater Detention and Infiltration Facility Notification system for the State of Colorado funded by Mile High Flood District, formerly Urban Drainage and Flood Control District.

This portal allows water engineers to submit Stormwater facilities to be accepted by jurisdictions. Once accepted, weekly notifications are sent out to water rights holders that allow them to review potential impacts on their water rights. In addition, DDS developed workflows that allow anonymous users to create and edit their facilities, user management systems running off an SQLite database, the ability to for jurisdictions to edit and maintain facilities, and scripts that generate RSS feeds to be consumed by mailing lists. DDS also created an ETL to update the mailing list database from extracts from the Colorado State Engineer’s notification lists. This web GIS application has been running since 2015 and has collected over 2,600 stormwater detention facilities and their attachments.

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